Ad Size Specifications

All ads must be submitted as JPG, EPS, TIFF, or PDF files with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.


All submitted artwork should be print-ready.


Ad sizes are listed below and dependent on contributions as specified on the Sponsorship Levels tab.


Ads will have a white border to separate them from the edge of the page and/or other ads.


Ready to upload your ad? Click on "Ad Image Upload" tab or click here.

Ad Specs for Business Sponsorship Ads

Ad Specs.jpg
JPG Image 231.2 KB

Ad image requirements:


  • Quarter Page (3.688" x 4.938")
  • Half Page (7.5" x 4.938")
  • Full Page (8.75" x 11/25" with bleed)
  • Full Page (7.5" x 10" no bleed) in print-ready .JPG, .EPS, .TIFF or .PDF of 300dpi. 



Download the attachment above for details.

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